Shannon Des Roches Rosa's writing and interviews are featured on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, PBS Parents, SF Weekly, Autism Speaks, SF Gate, AOL News, and Shot of Prevention. She has edited several anthologies and contributed stories to numerous books, including the award-winning My Baby Rides the Short Bus. She also writes about autism, parenting, evidence-based approaches, iPads, vaccines, and geekery at www.Squidalicious.com, as BlogHer.com's contributing editor for parenting kids with special needs, and as a co-founder and editor of The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. She is also one of CafeMom's autism experts, and is one of Babble.com's Top 25 Autism Bloggers. Shannon's radio interviews on autism, parenting, and blogging include KQED Forum, KCUR Central Standard, and News Talk KIRO. She has been a speaker at several conferences, including BlogHer and UCSF Developmental Disabilities. Shannon and her son Leo were featured in Apple's iPad: Year One video, which was introduced by Steve Jobs at Apple's iPad2 Keynote in San Francisco. She, her handsome husband, and their three capricious children live near San Francisco.

Jennifer Byde Myers is a writer, editor, and parent of a child with autism. She has been writing since 2003 at www.jennyalice.com, chronicling her family’s journey from diagnosis to daily living with her son’s special needs. She is a founder and editor of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. Her writing has been featured at Salon.com, Autism Speaks, and in several books including My Baby Rides the Short Bus. Jennifer has been interviewed on NPR, most recently on Forum with Michael Krasny, and is a Parenting.com Must-Read Mom. She lives on the San Francisco peninsula with her supportive husband, two wily children, and a dog named Gus. Follow her on Twitter at @jennyalice.

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Usually a non-profit files once they have met the threshold of $5000 in profit, and the process takes up to 27 months after filing. We have not yet met the $5000 profit threshold in a year, but chose to file any way so that the proceeds from the book would benefit others in perpetuity.

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